Indoor Positioning Service

We developed superior indoor positioning service (IPS) that can locate objects up to 2m of accuracy.


Seamless Outdoor / Indoor Positioning

When Athentek IPS is deployed in conjunction with Athentek Wide-area Positioning Service (WPS), application like vehicle/equipment tracking systems in factories, or retail analytics that track the shopper’s behavior can extend their servicing area, not just at indoor environments, but also able to obtain the user behaviors or asset locations seamlessly when they traverse between indoor and outdoor environments.


Auto Calibration

With Athentek’s Auto-Calibration Technology, after the Wi-Fi APs have been installed, each AP will discover and scan other APs in the surrounding environment and send the result to server. Server will then use these measurements to determine the location of each AP, and build the Wi-Fi signal distribution map, which is equivalent of the result gathered from conventional fingerprinting method. Once the IPS begins operation, the system will promptly self-calibrate itself to always provide the best positioning accuracy. This vastly reduce the overheads and cost to deploy the IPS system.


Easy to integrate into existing applications

Athentek IPS system is designed in a fashion that it is easy to be integrated with existing application-specific systems. With the range of web APIs available to applications, it is easy for system integrators (SI) to get the location data from the Athentek IPS server, and analyze the historical paths, or plot the location of each client device on to their application dashboard in real time. For client-based system, device only need to make API calls to upload the Wi-Fi signatures which it sees, then the location of the device will be calculated and ready to be fetched by applications.


IPS Service dashboard

Athentek IPS service dashboard provides a visualized way to see locations of the client devices that are currently been tracked.

You will be able to see the real-time locations and the historical locations (paths) of all devices. Registration/Un-registration of devices are also supported to quickly add/remove them from the IPS system. For system integrators, components of dashboard can also be easily integrated into their management system.


Use Cases

The high precision Indoor Positioning System by Athentek enables the ability to track, monitor and analyze the location information of any object of user.

Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities

In medical centers or hospitals, it often happens that doctors or nursing staff lose track of medical equipment and spending loads of time searching for them. It is also a tedious work to manually record down where is it upon utilization. With Athentek IPS system deployed, it can trace down the location of each equipment down to room-level, drastically reduce the effort to monitor equipment and enables a better and more efficient way to manage them.

Medical Facilities

Shopping mall or Retail

With Athentek positioning SDK integrated into retailer’s mobile Android app, retailers will be able to access to individual and aggregated customer’s shopping behavior including shopping path, dwell time, heat zone…etc., and plan actions to optimize the shopping experience and store planning decisions.


With the rooms (stores) and the accessible routes being defined in places like shopping centers, train stations, or exhibition centers, navigation through user’s Android phone can be done with the support of Athentek Navigation Engine.

With the destination and user’s current location being set, a turn-by-turn guided navigation route will be pushed to the Android App, then the App can display them on top of the floor map as a guidance to user.

Industrial Factories or Construction Sites

In factories or constructions sites, safety of the working staff is always the priority. With IPS solution installed on site and with staff wearing the tracking device, site manager can easily locate where each worker is, making sure they are where they should be, and getting alert when staff enters (or exits) restricted or hazardous area (*).

(*) Geo-fence and real-time alert are customizable features

Industrial Factories or Construction Sites Industrial Factories or Construction Sites