Secured Location Service for IoT


Secured Location as a Service

Athentek brings to the IoT market a novel combination of seamless indoor and outdoor positioning, an easily deployed high-accuracy indoor positioning solution, and robust multifactor assurance for location-based authentication and service delivery. As such, Athentek’s Secured Location as a Service (SLaaS) provides a unique capability for high-value and mission-critical applications to now leverage the many benefits of assured location information. If you would like to learn more about how Athentek SLaaS can help differentiate your solutions from those of your competitors, then please contact us for further information.


Wide-area Positioning Service

Athentek Wide-area Positioning Service (WPS) is a cloud-based service providing high-accuracy location lookup for all kinds of IoT devices. Athentek WPS works in both outdoor and indoor environments with accuracy of several meters to 20 meters, and is suitable for applications such as fleet management, delivery services, trackers, and many more. Athentek WPS is commercially available and offers worldwide service.

Indoor Positioning Service

Athentek’s Indoor Positioning Service (IPS) utilizes Wi-Fi to deliver industry-leading performance and enable applications to achieve aisle-level or room-level accuracy for suitably equipped IoT client devices. Athentek IPS is flexible to deploy and operate, and scales well across a variety of indoor environments such as factories, warehouses, medical facilities, shopping malls, and many more. Athentek IPS has demonstrated sub-2m accuracy in live customer trials, and we continue to evolve the solution to fully-automate start-up and maintenance activities.


Secured Location Service

Athentek’s Secured Location Service (SLS) is a product offering which combines high-accuracy location for IoT with robust multifactor assurance against malicious tampering or inadvertent errors which can interfere with location-based authentication or service delivery. Athentek SLS includes numerous cross-checks, behavioral analysis, and robust machine learning algorithms running in the cloud in order to verify all raw and derived location-related data sent by an IoT device. Athentek SLS is currently in advanced development and available for demonstration with select industry partners.